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Pure Fresh Tea Pollen

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1. Fresh tea pollen has a special tea aroma, with a slightly sweet taste and an orange or yellow color. Originating from nature, pure and pollution-free, without adding any artificial colors or preservatives, we bring you the purest taste and efficacy.

2. Tea pollen is the king of pollen. It has a miraculous effect on beauty and lightening spots, and can delay aging. The content of amino acids, vitamins, and trace elements is high, with amino acid content being the highest in pollen. The content of trace elements such as manganese, cobalt, bismuth, and niacin is higher than that of ordinary pollen. Therefore, pollen is the preferred choice for health and medical purposes.

3. To fully utilize the benefits of tea pollen, we need to use it correctly. Tea pollen can be taken directly with warm water. Alternatively, add tea pollen to warm water, yogurt, fruit juice, oats for consumption, and season with honey, lemon juice, and other ingredients. Mix tea pollen with honey, milk, etc. to make a facial mask and apply it on the face, which can improve the skin condition and make the skin more smooth and delicate.

Pure Fresh Tea Pollen
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