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10-HDA 4% Pure Fresh Royal Jelly Lyophilized Powder

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1. Excellent HDA content: Our royal jelly lyophilized powder provides unparalleled nutrition, with an HDA content of up to 4%. HDA is the core component of royal jelly and is known as the "source of life".

2. Pure Nature, No Additives: We adhere to the principle of pure nature without adding chemical additives to ensure that the royal jelly lyophilized powder maintains its original purity and nutrition. What you received was a gift from nature.

3. Significant repair effect: For small bleeding wounds, an appropriate amount of royal jelly lyophilized powder can be sprinkled on the wound to quickly stop bleeding. It can also treat inflammation and resist colds.

4. Double the effect of combination use: Royal jelly lyophilized powder can be used in combination with bees, and it can also be eat directly under the tongue.

Health, start with choice!

Choosing royal jelly lyophilized powder means choosing health and choosing beauty. Let's experience the gifts of nature together, unleashing endless vitality and charm.

10-HDA 4% Pure Fresh Royal Jelly Lyophilized Powder
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