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Our company is a responsible and reliable supplier with excellent product quality and good after-sales service.
We provide samples for quality testing or other commercial purposes. Sample fee and courier fee will be charged according to the actual situation.
Please browse our company catalog first, choose the product you are interested in, and tell us the model and quantity, contact information: We will contact you as soon as we receive your information You, confirm the order with you, inform the total price and shipping cost, and inform you how to send money. After receiving the payment, we will ship the goods as soon as possible.
Products can be shipped by express, by air, by sea. The express delivery is a door-to-door service, and the goods can be received in about 6 days. At the same time, you can track the transportation status of the goods at any time. Generally, we ship by DHL, Fedex, EMS, TNT, UPS. - Provide global delivery service - After delivery, we will provide a tracking number - Usually the customer will receive the goods after 3-5 days Air freight is an airport-to-airport service, and the customer will receive the goods in about 7-10 days after delivery. Without a tracking number, the customer picks up the goods at the airport by himself. The cost is more economical than express delivery. Ocean freight is a port to port service. Generally speaking, the goods can be received within 20-40 days after delivery, depending on the specific situation. No tracking number. The freight forwarding company will help you with the formalities. The cost is cheaper than air freight and express delivery.
- Sample : 7 day - Small order : 15 days - Large order : 30 days
We accept bank transfer, or Paypal. If it is sample order, small order, we suggest Paypal payment. We can receive your payment immediately. Bank T/T remittance is the most common and common payment method. After completing the payment, please provide the payment voucher and fax it to our company, we will check and arrange production as soon as possible.
If you have more questions, please contact We will contact you as soon as possible.
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