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90% Pure Bee Propolis Block

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1. Propolis, a natural treasure from the Bee Kingdom! It is a resin like substance collected from plants by worker bees, rich in various beneficial ingredients and active substances such as antioxidants.

2. We have selected over 90% high-purity propolis to ensure that every drop is full of energy and efficacy.

3. In addition to being a natural health product, propolis is also widely used in the medical field. It can help alleviate inflammation, enhance immunity, improve digestive system function, and so on.

4. It also has various health benefits such as antibacterial, antiviral, blood pressure lowering, and blood lipid lowering. Whether you want to maintain good health or cope with illness, you can try adding propolis to your diet.

5. Of course, to achieve the best results, you need to choose the correct way of consumption. It is recommended to take it before meals or on an empty stomach to better absorb the nutrients.

6. You can pair it with other natural ingredients such as honey, lemon juice, etc. to enhance the taste and deliciousness. Let's enjoy the health and beauty brought by propolis together!

90% Pure Bee Propolis Block
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