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70% Pure Propolis Powder

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Are you tired of the health products in the market filled with various additives and chemical components? Now, we bring you a pure natural and additive free healthy choice - propolis powder.

1. Content up to 70%: Our propolis powder contains up to 70% of the active ingredients in propolis, with a flavonoid content of up to 15.6% per 100 grams. To provide you with more adequate nutrition.

2. Pure natural without additives: our own bee farm, high altitude, good air, natural source

3. Natural antibiotics: have various effects such as antioxidant, antiviral, and immune enhancement. Long term use of propolis powder can help improve physical fitness, prevent diseases, and revitalize youth.

4. Better pairing: Propolis powder can be paired with food such as honey and milk, and can also be used to make wine with a better taste and richer nutrition. Allow you to easily consume the nutrients of propolis while enjoying delicious food.

70% Pure Propolis Powder
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