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100% Natural Sidr Honey

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1. The natural scent that comes from the face: pure natural sidr honey, is a national geographical indication product of China. Sidr honey source is pure, without any other miscellaneous honey. Rich in the aroma of sidr flowers, with a sweet taste and a rich aftertaste.

2. Every drop is concentrated essence: Sidr honey contains 18% water, bright red color, and thick texture. Bringing you a sweet experience.

3.  Jujube, known as the "head of all fruits", is rich in various nutrients, and sidr honey is the best carrier of jujube efficacy. Sidr honey has significant effects in nourishing qi, blood, spleen, and stomach, making it the most suitable honey for women to consume.

4. Sidr honey has a rich taste and unique aroma. It can not only be used as a breakfast companion, but also paired with various drinks such as milk, coffee, tea, adding sweetness and health to your life.

100% Natural Sidr Honey
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