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100% Natural Dragon Plant Honey

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1. Dragon plant is an important wild honey source plant in the northern region of Guangxi, which is a famous tourist scenic area with excellent natural ecological protection and no pollution. Moreover, dragon plant is a wild honey source plant and has not been applied with pesticides.

2. The honey that has been shaken three times is the true dragon plant honey. Dragon plant honey has a moisture content of 18% and is pure in every drop. Fresh and refreshing aroma, refreshing and refreshing.

3. Dragon plant honey belongs to traditional Chinese medicine honey, which can clear heat and detoxify, lower fire and dispel dampness, promote qi and blood circulation. Mainly used to treat rheumatic paralysis, falls and injuries.

4. Keep dragon plant honey underyour tongue can treat pharyngitis and has a miraculous effect on reducing fire. Dragon plant honey has a slightly bitter taste. When consumed, it can be added to various beverages to neutralize the taste and have health benefits.

100% Natural Dragon Plant Honey
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