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100% Natural Black Honey

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1. Black honey, derived from the gift of nature, is pure and natural without additives, and perfectly combines the essence of buckwheat with the diligence of bees. 

2. Our black honey has a moisture content of only 18%, which means more nutrition and a purer taste.

3. Black honey comes from buckwheat and is known as "plant gold". Black honey is mainly used as pharmaceutical raw materials and additives.

4. The content of protein and iron is relatively high, and it contains rutin, which can soften blood vessels, prevent and treat anemia, and resist oxidation.

5. Black honey has a sweet, greasy taste and a relatively strong aftertaste, so the most common way to eat it is to use it to brew honey water: drink it with warm water, and also pair it with lemon juice, milk, red dates.

100% Natural Black Honey
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